Physics in Anaesthesia PDF

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Download Physics in Anaesthesia PDF for free
Physics in Anaesthesia PDF

Download Physics in Anaesthesia PDF for free

 Physics in Anaesthesia covers the core physics knowledge required by anyone working in anesthesiology. It assumes only limited prior knowledge and has been written especially for those who consider themselves non-physicists. It covers material in an informative and accessible way from the very basics, and provides an modern physics important link between theory and practice.
Worked examples highlight the relevance to clinical practice, and along with graphs and charts, make the basics of physics understandable not only to doctors, but also to anesthesiologist assistants, nurse anesthetists and students.
Two different types of self-assessment questions (single best answers and multiple choice) at the end of each chapter test the reader’s understanding of the key concepts, while a summary section for each topic is ideal as a rapid refresher.

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