The Student Anatomy of Yoga Manual PDF

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Download The Student Anatomy of Yoga Manual PDF for free
The Student Anatomy of Yoga Manual PDF

Download The Student Anatomy of Yoga Manual PDF for free

 The essential introduction to the anatomy of 30 key yoga asana, or poses, this detailed guide explains what happens in your body on yoga postures an anatomical level during the practice of yoga.
Beginning with a clear breakdown of the musculoskeletal system and an introduction to yoga itself, the book explores 30 key poses in detail, with an easy to follow step-by-step advice on how to achieve the proper posture safely for each one plus options for practical modifications to allow for individual ability and injury modern yoga. hot yoga
Alongside an in-depth analysis of each pose, including notes on the type of muscle activation, plane of movement, and axis of the spine, stunning full-colour illustrations show the musculature at work, allowing you to visualise what is happening in different parts of your body during each pose and increasing your awareness of anatomy yoga body.
This is a must-have book for all serious yoga students, trainee yoga teachers, and all those with an interest in how the body works during movement yoga swing.

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